Introducing “Tell Us,” an Anonymous Reporting Solution

Our Commitment to Racial Justice
June 2, 2020
Ask the Advisor: Are we required to restore employees returning to work after a furlough to their original positions?
June 15, 2020
Our Commitment to Racial Justice
June 2, 2020
Ask the Advisor: Are we required to restore employees returning to work after a furlough to their original positions?
June 15, 2020

By Julie Small, VP of Product Marketing

At ThinkHR and Mammoth HR, we believe in strengthening the HR capabilities of our clients through the use of innovative technology and the voice of our customers. Late last year we surveyed our customers and prospects, finding 64% of the respondents indicating they were attempting to solve the issue of employee issue reporting and believed it was important to their organization. That’s why, today, we are pleased to announce the release of Tell Us, an anonymous reporting solution.  

Tell Us provides a confidential way for company leaders to manage and take action on incidents employees have anonymously reported. It works as an early warning system for problems within the workplace by encouraging employees to report on anything they believe warrants HR or management’s attention, and do so without fear of reprisal.

As COVID-19 has changed the way we work and introduced new risks, organizations have implemented new safety and privacy procedures at their physical worksites, which employees may or may not understand or be following to the letter. Newly remote workforces have had to adjust the way they communicate and work together, which may be leading to miscommunications or employees saying things to others that they wouldn’t typically say face-to-face. With Tell Us, employees and their employer can collaborate to manage these changes and the risks they bring.

Examples of What Employees Can Report

  • Concerns about an employee not following COVID-19 preventative measures in the workplace, such as using proper sanitation, work area spacing and access to cleaning supplies
  • Harassment or cyberbullying occurring through internal communications or video conferencing apps
  • Theft
  • Violations of company policy
  • Suspicious behavior
  • Financial abuse
  • Other issues they want HR to know about

The information employers receive from Tell Us will enable them to address issues in the workplace before they become a problem, prevent incidents from occurring, reduce the risk of lawsuits, and show their commitment to building a culture of trust and accountability. 

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The Value of Tell Us to Employees

  • Anonymity: Employees can report issues without fear of retaliation and with confidence that their report will be addressed. 
  • 24/7 Availability: Tell Us provides a mobile responsive website for employees to anonymously report issues at any time.
  • Simple and Quick: An intuitive reporting interface guides employees through the reporting process and prompts them to include critical information.
  • Complete: Employees can submit attachments (e.g., photos, videos, documentation) to the report.
  • Informed: Tell Us keeps employees up to date on the status of their report, giving them  peace of mind that their concern is being addressed.
  • Accessible Anywhere: Employees can access Tell Us anywhere regardless of where they work, whether at home or at their workplace.

The Value of Tell Us to Employers

  • Open Communication: Employers build trust with their employees and get insight into important issues in the workplace. 
  • Actionable Report: Employers can identify and address problems early on, reducing their risk.
  • Easy Tracking and Management: With centralized storage and a user-friendly dashboard, Tell Us enables employers to keep track of action items, workflows, investigations, and outcomes. 
  • Compliance: Best practice guides provide employers with the steps they need to follow to ensure they are meeting the regulatory standards defined by the EEOC and OSHA.

Providing employees a way to report workplace issues and incidents can help support a culture of communication and trust, in which employees know their concerns will be addressed in a timely manner and employers make the resolution of reports a priority. 

Tell Us pairs perfectly with our existing people management solutions. Once HR admins have received a report, they have the tools and support they need to resolve the issue, including the Comply content library, workplace safety and harassment prevention training programs, Living Handbook, and Live Advisors. 

Tell Us will be available for sale starting June 10, and will be live for ThinkHR customers on July 1. It will be available to Mammoth HR customers early next year. Customers can get Tell Us by visiting our product page.

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