ThinkHR Launches World’s First Comprehensive People Risk Management Solution

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Core to Business Success, Supports Better Decisions While Mitigating Risk

PLEASANTON, Calif. (February 6, 2019) – ThinkHR, the premier provider of HR risk management solutions, has launched the world’s first technology-powered People Risk Management (PRM) suite. ThinkHR People Risk Management will give organizations the ideal combination of content, best practices, and access to live expertise from the company’s experienced advisory team. As a result, customers will be able to materially reduce the risks inherent to the management of people and culture.

In today’s rapidly changing and often multinational employment climate, organizations large and small need access to deep domain expertise about compliance and access to experts as they build, define and administer their people programs. Unlike other organizational risks, “people risk” is generally uninsurable. Companies need to build solid foundations for operational practices in HR in order to minimize and manage risk. ThinkHR’s “PRM” addresses this requirement by notifying organizations when events occur, evaluating the impact to the business and providing actionable advice about how to mitigate potential risks associated with compliance.

“Legislative mandates that accelerate risk are on the rise, and organizations need proactive and comprehensive support to meet increasing compliance expectations. As an example, recent legislation related to workplace harassment in multiple states has accelerated this need,” said Preston Clark, J.D., and CEO of Impactly. “Companies need to understand what’s expected without having to invest time and energy on research or substantial financial resources on legal support.”

“The launch of our new People Risk Management solution is a major achievement for ThinkHR,” said Larry Dunivan, CEO, ThinkHR. “This product reflects the very best ways in which organizations can meet critical compliance requirements, get access to experts, and, in combination with great culture programs, drive improved employee engagement.”

People Risk Management is part of a holistic people management framework, providing organizations with the ability to:

  • Stay up-to-date with the latest compliance changes and legislative mandates through a comprehensive set of law and risk alerts with proactive notifications.
  • Easily access a team of live experts with extensive experience in all aspects of human capital management via phone, chat, or e-mail to answer questions and provide input.
  • Generate a living handbook that includes core cultural guidance principles coupled with comprehensive compliance material. The handbook is automatically updated as legislation changes and e-signature tools for employee confirmation.
  • Deliver a broad array of training solutions for proactive and reactive risk management and tools to track completion and effectiveness

People Risk Management is available today. Click here for additional details.

About ThinkHR

ThinkHR delivers HR knowledge solutions that combine the best of human expertise and innovative technology. Through cloud-based software and live HR and compliance advisors, ThinkHR helps employers reduce risk, drive efficiencies, and resolve people-related issues quickly and efficiently. Serving more than 125,000 employers and 850 business partners, including top insurance, payroll, and HR technology providers, ThinkHR was founded in 2005 and is headquartered in Pleasanton, California. For more information, visit ​ or connect via LinkedIn or Twitter ​(@RealThinkHR​).

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