What We’re Reading — August 2019

ERISA Turns 45!
August 29, 2019
California Cleans Up Sexual Harassment Training
September 3, 2019
ERISA Turns 45!
August 29, 2019
California Cleans Up Sexual Harassment Training
September 3, 2019

Kick off your Labor Day weekend with some employment news, research, and analysis. Here are some of the stories that caught our attention this month.

Wage and Hour in the Works

We’re still waiting for final regulations on white-collar exemptions, and more federal wage and hour proposals are in the pipeline. What can you do now so you’ll be prepared when forthcoming regulations take effect? Read more on Fisher Phillips. (Plus, check out our recent wage and hour webinar.)

What’s Keeping Women Out of the Workforce?

Labor force participation among women is trending down, and one reason for that is the rise in caregiving responsibilities for aging relatives. Many caregivers —who tend to be women — are finding it necessary to quit or cut back on work. Read more on the New York Times.

Preventing Age Discrimination

Age discrimination — and EEOC enforcement — is on the rise, and will only get worse as the workplace ages. A new survey reveals some statistics about the costly problem. Get the results, plus five tips for preventing age discrimination in your workplace. Read more on Workforce. (Plus, register for our upcoming diversity and discrimination webinar.)

2020 Will Be Here Soon

A survey found that only about a quarter of employees think it’s important for their political views to line up with their employers’. Yet, it’s important for workers to not feel singled out if their political views don’t match up with the majority of their workplace. Find out more about how political expression impacts the workplace. Read more on Clutch.

What Are Your Pronouns?

Employers who are prepared to embrace non-binary employees, such as honoring pronoun preferences and making sure dress codes work for people anywhere on the gender spectrum, demonstrate a commitment to inclusion. Read more on the Chicago Tribune.

Turn Down the Volume

Voice-activated digital assistants are gaining popularity, and people are getting used to talking to their machines. This might mean a rise in personal productivity, but what does this chatter mean for office productivity? Read more on Quartz.

HR Can Save Lives

Workplace violence is the fourth leading cause of workplace deaths. Experts agree that HR can play a role in reducing the risk by taking a holistic approach to the issue, such as beefing up wellness programs. Read more on Employee Benefit News. Plus, watch our recent workplace violence webinar.)

The Cult of the Busy

The opposite of busyness isn’t laziness; it’s purpose. Yet today’s work world values busyness over the traits it reduces, including creativity, quality, and productivity. How can workplaces overcome this? Read more on Fast Company.

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