What We’re Reading — May 2019

Six New Members Appointed to the 2019 ERISA Advisory Council
May 16, 2019
Maryland Employment Law Update — May 2019
May 20, 2019
Six New Members Appointed to the 2019 ERISA Advisory Council
May 16, 2019
Maryland Employment Law Update — May 2019
May 20, 2019
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At ThinkHR, knowledge makes us tick, so we keep up with the latest people risk management news and information and share it with you. Check out 10 of the stories that jumped out at us this month.

DOL Issues Guidance on Gig Workers

The U.S. Department of Labor ruled that workers for one gig economy company that provides house cleaners are contractors, not employees. While the ruling only applied to this unnamed company, it is likely to affect many more, and be worth billions of dollars to gig economy companies. Read more in the New York Times.

Alcoholism and the ADA

Alcoholism can be a disability under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). But who is really covered, what accommodations are reasonable, and what actions by an employer could be considered discriminatory? Get some answers from an employment attorney. Read more on The Employer Handbook.

When Happy Hour Makes Workers Sad

At many companies, employees are expected to attend happy hours or alcohol-fueled social or networking events to show they are team players. Employees who abstain from alcohol may feel uncomfortable or excluded in these situations. How can employers make these events more inclusive? Read more on The Temper.

Slapping on a Smile Can Backfire

Researchers found that workers whose jobs required them to fake or amplify positive emotions and not express negative emotions were more likely to drink heavily after work. Researchers speculated that the need to exercise emotional self-control all day caused workers to want to lose control when the workday ended. Read more from Penn State University.

What’s Keeping You Awake?

The Littler Annual Employer Survey found that compliance issues (such as changing paid leave, marijuana, and background check laws)  and regulatory enforcement (such as EEOC harassment and retaliation claims) are among the top concerns for employers. Read more on HR Dive.

The Future of HR

The role of HR has been gradually transitioning from transactional to strategic, raising the profile of HR leaders. The next wave of change will continue to disrupt the function of HR, turning it into the steward of work, according to HR leaders. Read more on HR Executive. (And while you are there, read this profile on ThinkHR CEO Larry Dunivan.)

Working Anytime, Anywhere

Work-life balance is on the way out, being replaced by work-life integration. One of the trends driving this is remote work — very remote work — along with extending the work day and work week while punctuating it with blocks of personal time. Read more on Employee Benefit News.

Make Remote Work

Remote work is here to stay, and some companies are even doing away with physical offices altogether. There are great benefits to remote work arrangements, but care must be taken to keep communication open, make teams cohesive, and prevent isolation. Listen to the story on Marketplace by NPR.

Psychological Safety

Fear is a powerful driver, and prevents employees from being engaged, productive, and innovative. Making employees feel safe to let their guard down allows them speak up, be creative, problem solve, and contribute more. Learn three ways you can create an atmosphere of psychological safety. Read more on HR Executive.

Women Belong in the Board Room

California’s law banning all-male corporate boards recently went into effect. The first of its kind in the nation, it requires publicly traded companies to add women to their boards by the end of 2019 or face penalties. Read more on CNN.

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