Reporting, Analytics & Actuarial

A Few Steps Ahead on Reporting and Analytics

At Pervidio, our team stands ready to provide comprehensive review, analysis and guidance for your plans.

Having the data is one thing, interpreting to action is another, and Pervidio has years of experience in data analysis.

Many Administrative Service Organizations (ASO) — insurance companies that administer self-funded plans — haven’t kept up with technology innovations around plan reporting and analysis. But that makes us even more committed to giving you the most detailed, transparent, and actionable data possible.

In addition to nationwide benchmarking of plan data, Pervidio can bring your analytics alive by building you a roadmap for its interpretation and action. We offer:

  • Monthly claims reporting and analysis
  • Trend and COBRA rate calculations
  • Actuarial review and sign off of funding level and COBRA rates
  • Quarterly review of claims trends and cost mitigation strategies.