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July 2, 2018
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July 2, 2018

Longmont Bans Smoking in Enclosed Areas

Longmont, Colorado has passed an ordinance (Ord. No. O-2017-4) generally prohibiting smoking in enclosed areas open to the public, certain congested outdoor areas, and workplaces. Under the ordinance, smoking is prohibited in all of the following:

  • In or in the entry way of any public place or place of employment.
  • The block containing the Longmont Civic Center and Longmont Public Library, including all sidewalks and grassy areas.
  • The area around the city’s Senior Center and Memorial Building.

However, the ordinance permits smoking in:

  • Retail stores primarily engaged in the sale of tobacco or tobacco accessories.
  • Places of employment not open to the public that are under an employer’s control, and where the employer has three or fewer employees. Employees must be provided a smoke-free work area upon request.
  • In employer-designated outdoor smoking areas. These designated smoking areas must be sufficiently isolated to maintain a reasonably smoke-free environment in nearby nonsmoking areas.

The ordinance includes definitions, smoking/no smoking signage requirements, and penalties for violations.

The ordinance is effective August 8, 2018.

Read Ord. No. O-2017-4

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