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The ACA Remains the Same Following Texas Court Ruling
December 17, 2018
Government Shutdown Update: E-Verify and E-Verify Services Unavailable
December 27, 2018
The ACA Remains the Same Following Texas Court Ruling
December 17, 2018
Government Shutdown Update: E-Verify and E-Verify Services Unavailable
December 27, 2018

What We’re Reading – December 2018

We scour the web for interesting and actionable HR news and information, so you don’t have to. Here are eight curated stories to close out the year.

3 HR Priorities for 2019

A survey of HR leaders identified three clear human resource priorities for 2019: Building critical skills, strengthening leadership, and improving the employee experience. Learn how embracing these priorities can support your overall business.

Plus 3 HR Predictions for 2019

In 2019, managers will have more direct responsibility for performance management, the C-suite will increase its reliance on people data, and performance reviews will fade away in lieu of frequent check-ins, according to two HR experts.

New Year, New Handbook

The new year is a great time to distribute a new employee handbook. If you haven’t updated yours recently, consider these five tips for updating your handbook by year’s end. (Tip 2: Examine several policies in light of the NLRB’s June advice memorandum.)

How Did Your Holiday Party Go?

It used to be that the measure of a successful office party was a good time had by all. In 2018, it’s an event free from claims of sexual harassment. Employment attorney Robin Shea offers her advice for how to handle a high-performing but handsy employee.

Stem the Exiting Tide

Finding a new job is a popular New Year’s resolution. And with a hot job market and unemployment at the lowest level in half a century, it’s easier than ever for people to switch jobs. Learn what you can do to reduce turnover.

Speed Up Your Hiring Process

The tight labor market is making a strong case for speeding up the hiring process so you can snap up the best candidates ahead of the competition, even if it means hiring sight unseen. Get some tips on winning the war for talent.

Ride the Wave into 2019

A big wave of legislation takes effect January 1, with more to follow early in the year. Get the scoop on federal, state, and local legislation that will affect employers all over the country in the coming year, as well as a preview of what’s likely to appear on the employment law horizon.

Laugh it Off

With everything you face in HR, sometimes all that’s left to do is laugh about it. Fortunately, research shows that laughter has many benefits, from reducing stress to increasing productivity. So go ahead, let your laughter out at work.

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