Top 10 Holiday Party Mishaps

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During our annual holiday party webinar, we asked participants to share their company holiday party mishaps with us. Here are the top 10 responses that very likely landed someone on the naughty list.

10. Curbs aren’t painted red as holiday decorations.
Last year we had several people receive parking tickets since we had our holiday party off-site.

9. Candy, candy canes, candy corn and maple syrup aren’t for everyone.
We received complaints because we didn’t have sugar-free desserts.

8. It’s mistletoe not misdemeanor.
We had an employee crash another event at the banquet hall, basically trespassing.

7. Bah humbug.
Our employees stole the rented event decorations.

6. How not to spread holiday cheer.
We had an employee throw a plastic snowflake decoration and lacerate another employee’s eyeball.

5. Does someone need a hug?
We do a white elephant exchange where gifts are picked and then taken by someone else that may want it. We had someone actually get upset that the gift they chose was taken by another employee.

4. Um, ick.
We had a guest vomit on the hotel floor at the end of the party. Needless to say we’ve had stricter alcohol rules since then.

3. Make room on the naughty list.
An employee told his spouse that the party was “employees only” even though it was “plus one.” Employee then behaves badly.

2. Son of a nutcracker!
Last year, an employee who had tendered his resignation effective the day before our holiday party RSVP’d yes to the party. We met with him and told him he wasn’t invited since he resigned. He proceeded to create so much fuss within our employee population, we caved. We had to meet with him again and tell him that given the holiday season, we would allow it.

1. And the number one holiday party “fowl”:

The company decided to give holiday turkeys to employees. They were frozen. There was no place for employees to store them. We ended up seeing lots of frozen turkeys thrown away in the street where our building was. It was weird.

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