What We’re Reading — November 2019

How Small Businesses are Offering Big Business Perks
November 25, 2019
IRS Provides Extension for Form 1095-C (and a simpler method for Form 1095-B)
December 2, 2019
How Small Businesses are Offering Big Business Perks
November 25, 2019
IRS Provides Extension for Form 1095-C (and a simpler method for Form 1095-B)
December 2, 2019

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at ThinkHR. Start your extra-long weekend off with eight curated stories that caught our attention this month.

The Office Pet

Pet-friendly offices are an increasingly common perk, but the benefits may go deeper, according to a new study that found that animals in the workplace lower stress levels and increase happiness and productivity. Plus, they make good ice-breakers. Read more on Business Insider.

It’s Not the Turkey

You might be tempted to blame that afternoon energy slump on your lunch of Thanksgiving leftovers, but you should consider the possibility that it’s a sign of work fatigue. Learn five ways to stop feeling so sleepy at work that go beyond a third or fourth cup of coffee on Fast Company.

What Are You Grateful For?

Employment attorney Robin Shea shares 10 things she is grateful for in 2019, and many of them fall into the “it could be worse” category. Get her tongue-in-cheek take on some of the employment law developments of the year on Employment Labor Insider.

Is “OK, Boomer”  Harassment?

“OK Boomer” has taken off as a popular meme, but does it rise to the level of harassment or discrimination? What impact does the latest weapon in intergenerational stereotyping and conflict have on the workplace? Find out on NPR.

The FBI Tackles D&I

As the U.S. population became more diverse, the ranks of FBI agents became more homogenous. In response, the agency took a very close look at its hiring and employment practices, and shares what it has learned so far as it works on improving its diversity and inclusion (D&I). Read more on LinkedIn.

Recruiters are in Demand

A new report found that demand for recruiters is up 63 percent since 2016. The study’s authors suggest this jump reflects a change in the role of recruiters, and shifts in the skill sets required for the job are also changing rapidly. Read more on HR Dive.

Is Ban the Box Working?

In more places than not, there are legal restrictions on when an employer can ask about an applicant’s criminal history. These “ban the box” laws are meant to remedy racial disparities, but it’s not clear whether they are being consistently implemented and enforced.  Read more in The Atlantic.

Are Cover Letters Still a Thing?

Cover letters take time to read and may be getting replaced by AI-driven screening bots. But they may also offer a quick overview of the candidate’s qualifications and experience and give some insight into their personality and goals. Are cover letters over or will they get a new life? Read more on HR Dive.

It’s Time to Update Your Handbook

Several of these topics have the potential to impact policies. Is your employee handbook up to date? Get tips for updating it in this free webinar.

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